Guide to Crib Tents

Crib Tent : What is it?

Crib Tents

Crib tents protect babies from falling off the crib and getting bitten by insects. Made of nylon mesh, they cover the entire top of the crib, enveloping it under a dome-like covering. Some crub tents have mesh material covering the sides of the crib for added protection.

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Types of Crib Tents

Crib TentsCrib Tents

Kinds of Crib Tents include the following:

Standard crib tents

Standard crib tents are dome-like, see-through mesh tents. They are secured over the crib by Velcro panels and loop straps. One side of the tent opens up using a nylon zipper. They are easy to set up and can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

Fancy crib tents

Fancy crib tents have expanded mesh nets extending to the sides of the crib, covering the gaps between each slat. One side of the tent opens up using a nylon zipper.

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Choosing Crib Tents (Buying tips)

Portability: Choose a crib tent that collapses and dismantles easily for portability and easy storage.

Your baby’s age: Buy a crib tent only if your child is three years old or below. Older babies may need to move out of their crib and start sleeping on a real toddler bed. 

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