Guide to Neck Ties

Neck Tie : What is it?

Neck Ties

Neckties are woven or knitted neckwear designed to be tied under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat. They are long pieces of cloth that can be made of different materials and come in different designs.

The ‘first’ neckties were actually used by Croatian military men in the 17th century as part of their uniforms. They used to be made of linen or silk scarves, and they were knotted loosely around the neck. Today, neckties are still worn by men as part of their uniform, office attire, and formal wear. Women also wear them as part of their uniform, office attire, or as fashion accessories.

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Types of Neck Ties

Neck TiesNeck Ties

Kinds of Neck Ties include the following:

Types according to fabric

Cotton neck ties

Cotton neckties are made of 100% cotton. They can complement any suit or outfit especially if it is also made of cotton. They are the most popular types of neckties. Because they are cotton, they are ideal for summer use.

Polyester neckties

Polyester neckties are hardwearing. They are available in standard, woven, and satin construction. Most models are breathable, so they can be used during any season. However, they usually require dry cleaning.

Silk neck ties

Silk neckties are made of woven or printed silk. They are thicker but smoother and more comfortable than the other types of neckties. Most silk ties feature fabric weaves running through them. They are also the most expensive neckties, and they require high maintenance.

Types according to style

Plain neckties

Plain neckties feature a plain, solid color. They are widely available in satin or woven construction, and are commonly used in formal attire such as weddings.

Fashion neck ties

Fashion neckties feature unique designs and patterns to match the wearer’s outfit or personality. Stripes, checkered, and polka dots are just some of the popular designs.

Novelty neckties

Novelty neckties feature popular designs and patterns such as cartoon characters and music icons. They are ideal for casual occasions, and are generally cheap.

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Choosing Neck Ties (Buying tips)

Color: To match your attire, choose a necktie darker than your shirt or one that comes in the exact shade.

The necktie should reach your waist when knotted under the collar of your shirt. Anything too short or too long will look awkward.

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