Guide to Digitizing Software

Digitizing Software : What is it?

Digitizing Software

Digitizing software converts images into a digital format that can be enhanced and manipulated on a computer. They are commonly used with graphics input devices, such as graphics tablets or scanners, but most programs can also import files from the computer’s hard drive or removable media.

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Types of Digitizing Software

Digitizing SoftwareDigitizing Software

Kinds of Digitizing Software include the following:

Graph digitizing software

  • Graph digitizing software extracts numeric values from picture graphs and charts.
  • The user can define an axis system and add text tags to the image.
  • They usually save values in ASCII format, which can be pasted onto spreadsheet software and other applications.

Image digitizing software

  • Image digitizing software converts pictures into square pixels with assigned color values.
  • They are commonly used to create embroidery patterns from existing pictures.
  • Most programs also produce printable renders with color legends.

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Choosing Digitizing Software (Buying tips)

Input options: Choose a digitizing software that accepts input from scanners, digital cameras, and removable drives. Look for one that supports direct import if you work with multiple images or inputs.

Choose a digitizing software that works with all image resolutions. Make sure it does not slow down when handling high-resolution images. Look for one with a large color palette for more accurate rendering.

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