Guide to Laptop Hard Drives

Laptop Hard Drive : What is it?

Laptop Hard Drives

A laptop hard drive serves as a laptop’s main storage for files, applications, and all other types of data. It usually measures 2.5 inches, making it lighter and more compact than desktop hard drives. It comes in various storage capacities ranging from 20GB to 120GB. It is available in internal and external models. 

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Types of Laptop Hard Drives

Laptop Hard DrivesLaptop Hard Drives

Kinds of Laptop Hard Drives include the following:

Internal laptop hard drive

An internal laptop hard drive is placed in a dedicated hard drive slot inside the laptop. It has a storage capacity of 20GB to 120GB.

External laptop hard drive

An external laptop hard drive is a standalone device that plugs into the laptop’s USB or FireWire port. It has a storage capacity range of about 40 GB to 80 GB.

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Choosing Laptop Hard Drives (Buying tips)

Storage capacity: Choose a laptop hard drive with a large storage capacity for storing large files such as video, music, and applications. It is best to get one with a higher capacity than you currenty need, because laptops can be difficult and expensive to upgrade.

Speed: Choose a laptop hard drive with a speed of 7,200 rpm for faster processing.

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