Guide to PC Game Controllers

PC Game Controller : What is it?

Pc Game Controllers

A PC game controller is a computer peripheral used for to control movement in computer video games. It is connected to the computer through a USB port, serial port, or other interface. It usually includes control buttons for common actions like kicks, jumps, and punches. Some controllers are designed to vibrate at specific events in the game, such as hits and scores.

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Types of PC Game Controllers

Pc Game ControllersPc Game Controllers

Kinds of PC Game Controllers include the following:

Generic input device

A generic input device includes a standard computer mouse and keyboard used in most computers. The mouse is mainly used for pointing, navigating, and doing other shortcut functions. The keyboard includes arrow keys corresponding to certain commands and actions dependent on the rules of the game. It can be used for computer functions other than gaming.


A joystick is a stick that is gripped by the hand and maneuvered in different directions.  It is commonly used for flight simulation and vehicular combat games.

Steering wheel

A steering wheel is used for playing racing games to simulate actual driving. It usually includes a dash unit and a floor pad with pedals. It can also allow the user to feel the car push back when braking.

Play pad

A computer play pad is a surface pad designed to be touched or stepped on. It allows for more interactive and physical gaming. It is commonly used for dance simulation games. 

Light gun

A light gun is used for playing shooting games. It normally emits an infrared beam to control elements on the computer screen.

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Choosing PC Game Controllers (Buying tips)

Comfort: Look for a PC game controller with easy to reach buttons and built-in fans to keep it from overheating and burning the hands.

Customization: Choose a PC game controller with customizable buttons and profile memory for use in different games.

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