Norton Personal Firewall 2.0

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Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh 2.0 keeps hackers out and personal data safe. It monitors all incoming access attempts to your Macintosh. Also, you can make your Mac invisible on the Internet for defense against online threats. When an unauthorized connection is made to your Mac, it is blocked and you are alerted immediately. You can change the firewall settings at any time to customize the program for your individual needs, such as to give specified programs external access to your computer.

Two self-test modes let you see exactly how Norton Personal Firewall is protecting your Mac. Run a local test, or launch your Web browser right from within the program to have your Mac analyzed instantly by the Symantec Security Check Web site, which features tools developed by Symantec's own Internet security experts. Norton Personal Firewall also supports Mac OS X, bringing the advantages of its Internet protection to users of Apple's latest operating system. Whether you have a DSL, cable, or dialup connection, you can use Norton Personal Firewall to stop hackers cold.

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