Guide to 9 Volt Batteries

9 Volt Battery : What is it?

9 Volt Batteries

A 9-volt battery is a household battery more powerful than the typical 1.5- or 1.2-volt battery. It is a rectangular body with the positive and negative terminals side by side at one end. A 9-volt battery is actually made up of six 1.5-volt batteries arranged in a six-pack and connected in a series.

A 9-volt battery is used in electronic devices requiring a higher voltage but little current such as metal detectors, R/C toy controllers, and walkie-talkies. These devices work by creating electromagnetic fields that use voltage more than current.  

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Types of 9 Volt Batteries

9 Volt Batteries9 Volt Batteries

Kinds of 9 Volt Batteries include the following:

Carbon zinc

  • A carbon zinc battery has an anode of zinc, a cathode of magnesium oxide, and a slightly acidic electrolyte.
  • It is used in devices requiring light to moderate drain.

Zinc chloride

  • A zinc chloride battery is a carbon zinc battery with a slightly acidic electrolyte.


  • An alkaline 9-volt battery has a higher energy density and longer shelf life than a carbon or zinc battery.
  • They are commonly used for portable digital electronics like MP3 players and handheld video games.

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Choosing 9 Volt Batteries (Buying tips)

Rechargeable:  For practicality, choose a rechargeable 9-volt battery that allows you to reuse it.

Long-life:  For long-life, choose an alkaline 9-volt battery, which is the best in the market so far.  

Safety information

Do not fuse two 9-volt batteries together to prevent them from short-circuiting and producing a lot of heat. The batteries can spark and leak if left for long.

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