Guide to Blank CDs

Blank CD : What is it?

Blank Cds

Blank CDs store music, videos, programs, or plain data in digital format. They are made up of a a polycarbonate plastic case containing a light-sensitive film. Data is recorded on the CD using a CD recorder or burner, which uses a laser to “burn” a pattern of grooves and bumps onto the film that corresponds to the data being recorded. Blank CDs have storage capacities from 180 to 700 megabytes (MB), or approximately 21 to 80 minutes of music.

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Types of Blank CDs

Blank CdsBlank Cds

Kinds of Blank CDs include the following:

Recordable blank CDs (CD-R)

Recordable CDs can be closed or sealed after recording, permanently saving the data onto the disc. Data can be added in multiple sessions, but cannot be erased or written over other data. They are protected against accidental erasure or formatting, making them ideal for archiving and permanent storage. They can be read by all standard devices such as CD and DVD players, car stereos, and portable players.

Rewritable blank CDs (CD-RW)

Rewritable CDs contain an additional layer of a phase-change material, which allows data to be erased and rewritten onto the disc. Most types can handle up to 1,000 writing sessions. They are prone to data loss due to accidental erasures, but some can be set with a security code to prevent unauthorized access. They have limited compatibility compared to CD-Rs. They can only be read by advanced devices, such as DVD players and computer CD-RW drives.

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Choosing Blank CDs (Buying tips)

Tone: Choose a blank CD with a gold-toned bottom for better protection against heat and physical damage. This is especially useful for storing important documents, such as financial records and archives. Choose a cheaper green-toned CD for personal use, such as saving music or photos. Avoid light blue cyanine-dyed bottoms, because these are highly sensitive to UV light and are prone to damage.

Speed: Make sure your blank CD's speed specifications match your CD burder's capacity. Look for one with an ultra-high speed capacity if you use different drives to ensure compatibility. For rewritable CDs, consider minimum writing speed as well. Older recording drives may write below the minimum speed, but may not be very reliable. 

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