Guide to Cable Splitters

Cable Splitter : What is it?

Cable Splitters

A cable splitter is a cable with two or more ports at one end. It is designed to split signal energy equally among all the ports. However, a small amount of signal energy is usually lost in the process, making each port in a multiple-way splitter receive less than the equal percentage of input signal. A cable splitter is commonly used in residences and commercial establishments with more than one television unit for sharing the cable signal.

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Types of Cable Splitters

Cable SplittersCable Splitters

Kinds of Cable Splitters include the following:

Cable splitters with transformers

A cable splitter with a transformer has an attenuation of about three-and-a-half dB on each output port. It effectively divides the energy in the input port evenly to each of the output ports without much loss.

Cable splitters with resistors

A cable splitter with a resistor is cheaper than one with a transformer. It has an attenuation of approximately six dB on each output port. It loses about 50% of energy in the input port, while splitting the remaining 50% equally to each of the output ports. 

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Choosing Cable Splitters (Buying tips)

Materials used: For optimum picture quality, choose a cable splitter made of oxygen-free copper wire with a low-loss dual of 75 Ohm and a foam dielectric.

Sound quality: To prevent interference and unwanted noise, look for a cable splitter with wires that are individually double-shielded and covered in an OFC braid shield and aluminum foil.

Durability: For durability, choose a cable splitter that features an ultra flexible jacket, a heavy-duty connector, and a corrosion-resistant shield. Choose one with a fully molded connector for exceptional strain relief to keep the cable intact.

Efficiency: For maximum efficiency and versatility, choose a cable splitter that can be used in many devices such as digital camcorders, DVD players, satellite receivers, and computer monitors with a TV out. 

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