Guide to Cable TV Converters

Cable TV Converter : What is it?

Cable Tv Converters

A cable TV converter is an electronic device hooked up to a television for greater channel tuning, even if the television is not cable-ready. It is generally inexpensive, making it the better and more practical alternative to subscribing to a cable company.

While it is useful and cost-effective, the cable TV converter is now considered illegal by federal laws because it allows non-subscribers to receive and enjoy cable television. Many cable converters are now banned, as many manufacturers are being sued for illegal practice.

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Types of Cable TV Converters

Cable Tv ConvertersCable Tv Converters

Kinds of Cable TV Converters include the following:

Analog cable TV converters

An analog cable TV converter is made for analog television units. It receives TV signals with a frequency range of 46 to 870 MHz. Some models can also be used with stand-alone decoders or descramblers.

Digital cable TV converters

A digital cable TV converter is made for digital television units. It converts digital programming channels for viewing on digital TVs such as digital music video channels, pay-per-view channels, digital networks, and premium cable networks. 

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Choosing Cable TV Converters (Buying tips)

LED display: Choose a cable converter with an LCD display screen for the easy and clear viewing of the status of your converter.

Full-band TV tuner: Look for a cable converter with a full-band TV-tuner that allows you to browse more than 160 channels.

Remote control: Look for a cable converter that comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings in your converter from a distance.

Legal issues: Check to see if cable TV converters are allowed in your region or country before you buy one. 

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