Guide to Car Antennas

Car Antenna : What is it?

Car Antennas

Car antennas receive broadcast signals from nearby transmitters and decode them to be played by car radios and televisions. Some antennas are used as secondary receivers to enhance the reception of pre-installed antennas. Most car antennas are omni-directional, which means that they receive and transmit to all directions. They can be installed inside the car radio or TV, or mounted on the exterior of the car.

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Types of Car Antennas

Car AntennasCar Antennas

Kinds of Car Antennas include the following:

External car antennas

External car antennas are mounted on the hood, rear, or roof of the car. They are usually pole-mounted, consisting of a telescoping metal or fiberglass pole attached to a fixed base. They can be titled in the direction of the signal to improve reception. They usually have more efficient reception than internal antennas, but are more prone to physical damage and interference.

Internal car antennas

Internal car antennas are placed inside the car, either on the deck, windshield, or trunk. Some models can power all dependent devices in the car, including mobile phones, while others are designed for car TVs or car radios only. Some also have built-in amplifiers to enhance poor reception or amplify low-frequency devices, such as CB radios. Several internal antennas may be installed inside the car to optimize reception.

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Choosing Car Antennas (Buying tips)

Frequencies: Choose a car antenna that can handle several frequency bands. This will give you access to more stations, and during emergencies, allow you to transmit distress signals to more receivers. Make sure it accepts both AM and FM bands.

Reception: Choose a car antenna with a consistent strong reception. Look for one with a filter feature to minimize interference from other transmitters. If you are buying an external antenna, choose a fiberglass one because metal antennas tend to rust and permanently lose quality. 

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