Guide to Record Players

Record Player : What is it?

Record Players

Record players are used to play sound or music from vinyl records. They usually consist of a turntable and a cartridge, to which a needle or stylus is attached. The turntable uses idler wheels, belt drives, or direct drives to rotate the record, while the needle reads the physical grooves on the record and converts them into sound.

Modern turntables are used in hip hop music to create sound effects, such as scratching and looping. These models can usually be connected to the computer, where the sounds are digitized for easier editing and mixing. 

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Types of Record Players

Record PlayersRecord Players

Kinds of Record Players include the following:

Portable record players

  • Portable record players are box-shaped and mounted on standard tables.
  • They are made up of a small platform for the turntable and a control panel bar on one side.
  • Some models come with lids to cover the player when not in use.

Floor record players

  • Floor record players are freestanding, with the turntable built into a tall base.
  • The base usually houses a console for accessing playback and sound effect controls.
  • Some newer models have two-disc turntables for mixing, as well as storage shelves in the body.

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Choosing Record Players (Buying tips)

Record speeds: Choose a record player that works with most standard record speeds. Modern players will play all speed formats, but vintage models may be limited to 78-rpm records. If you have records with different speed formats, look for a player manufactured after 1930 for better compatibility.

Drive system: Choose a record player with a direct-drive system if you play records occasionally and are not too keen on sound quality. Direct drives are convenient and have good speed and braking controls. If you want something cheaper or a more vintage feel, choose a belt-drive model. Avoid idler wheel drive systems because they tend to make noise and work only with certain record speeds.

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