Guide to Wireless Intercoms

Wireless Intercom : What is it?

Wireless Intercoms

Wireless intercoms consist of two or more units, each functioning as both the transmitter and the receiver. They do not use wiring systems; instead, they use radio frequencies to transmit and receive audio signals. Because it is wireless, a typical unit requires little or no installation. It can be plugged into a power outlet or powered by batteries.

Most wireless intercoms function as baby monitors, helmet intercoms for communicating when riding a motorcycle or race car driving, communication devices for TV and stage directors, and business communication systems for employees in an office.

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Types of Wireless Intercoms

Wireless IntercomsWireless Intercoms

Kinds of Wireless Intercoms include the following:

Two-channel wireless intercom

A two-channel wireless intercom can provide two-way communication or one-way audio monitoring. It can be expanded to accommodate four or more units.

Three-channel wireless intercom

A three-channel wireless intercom uses existing AC wires to operate. It is commonly used as a door intercom, replacing the existing push-button doorbell using the same doorbell wiring.

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Choosing Wireless Intercoms (Buying tips)

Range: Choose a wireless intercom with a range of 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) or more for wider coverage.

Controls: Look for a wireless intercom with adjustable speaker and volume controls for better sound quality.

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