Guide to Conditioners

Conditioner : What is it?


Conditioners are hair care products used to soften and improve hair texture, appearance, and shine. They are typically used after shampooing the hair. They are sold in separate bottles or combined with 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner products.

Depending on the manufacturer, conditioners consist of various ingredients such as moisturizers, humectants, reconstructors, hydrolyzed protein, acidifiers or acidity regulators, detanglers, polymers (glossers), thermal protectors, EFAs or essential fatty acids, sebum, surfactants, keratin, amino acids, lubricants such as fatty alcohols, panthenol, dimethicone, sequestrants, antistatic agents, and preservatives. 

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Types of Conditioners


Kinds of Conditioners include the following:

Pack conditioners

  • Pack conditioners are heavy and thick.
  • They have a high surfactant content that clings to the hair structure, forming thick layers on the hair's surface.
  • It “glues” the hair surface scales together.
  • They are applied to the hair for a longer period.
  • Their molecules tend to crystallize easily, making them viscous.

Leave-on conditioners

  • Leave-on conditioners are thinner than pack conditioners in consistency.
  • They contain different surfactants that leave only a little residue on the hair’s surface.
  • They are based on bent, unsaturated chains, making them less prone to crystallizing.
  • They have a lighter and less viscous mixture.

Ordinary conditioners

  • Ordinary conditioners have some of the aspects of pack and leave-on conditioners.

Hold conditioners

  • Hold conditioners are based on polyelectrolyte polymers.
  • They hold the hair in the desired shape.
  • They are used in diluted hair gels.

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Choosing Conditioners (Buying tips)

Separate conditioner:  For a more noticeable conditioning effect, choose a separate conditioner over a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner product.

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