Guide to EKG Machines

EKG Machine : What is it?

Ekg Machines

An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) machine is a device used for measuring heart activity. It records the electronic impulses made by the heart between heartbeats. It displays the heart's activities through a built-in screen or a print out. It is commonly used in most medical facilities. 

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Types of EKG Machines

Ekg MachinesEkg Machines

Kinds of EKG Machines include the following:

Ambulatory EKG machine

  • An ambulatory EKG machine features a small recorder called a Holter monitor that a patient is required to wear everyday.
  • It creates a graphic record of the electrical currents of the heart.
  • It is mainly used for recording and describing the unusual electrical activities of the heart that may be caused by sleep problems, emotional problems, or stress.
  • It is used continuously as the patient goes about his normal daily routine.
  • It is available in two models: the continuous and the intermittent. The continuous model is used nonstop for two days, while the intermittent model is used for weeks or months but only records once in a while.

Interpretive EKG machine

  • An interpretive EKG machine uses charts to interpret heart activities.
  • It usually features a 12-lead rhythm operation that can be run manually or automatically.
  • It can be built with a screen that displays the results, or directly print results onto paper.
  • It commonly uses an interpretation software such as pacemaker enhancement and pediatric analysis.
  • It can have USB and Ethernet ports for connecting to computers and other medical electronic devices.
  • It can be upgraded to higher versions.

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Choosing EKG Machines (Buying tips)

Upgradeable: Choose an upgradeable EKG machine to ensure long-term use and secure your investment.

Look for an EKG machines with a full alphanumeric keyboard for accurately displaying and printing the demographics.

Screen: Choose an EKG machine with a large LCD screen for easy readouts.

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