Guide to Hair Barrettes

Hair Barrette : What is it?

Hair Barrettes

Hair barrettes are hair accessories used for clipping the hair on the side or the back of the head to keep it off the face, and for accentuating the hair and the face. They usually have flat surfaces in different sizes, colors, and designs such as carved wood, beaded, gemstones, floral, and engraved. They are made with metal or plastic clips topped with plastic, wooden, metal, or gem ornaments. 

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Types of Hair Barrettes

Hair BarrettesHair Barrettes

Kinds of Hair Barrettes include the following:

Single hair barrettes

  • Single hair barrettes are large clips big enough to clasp the entire width of hair.
  • They can be used in lieu of rubber bands or scrunchies.
  • They provide a clean and sleek hairstyle.

Hair barrettes in pairs

  • Hair barrettes in pairs are smaller and more delicate.
  • They are used on each side of the head to keep hair off the face.
  • They are commonly designed with butterflies, flowers, and rainbows.
  • They are popular among children.

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Choosing Hair Barrettes (Buying tips)

Gap: If you have thick hair, look for a hair barrette with a wide gap to accommodate your entire hair width.  If you want to use it on sides of your head, choose one with a narrow gap to prevent it from slipping down your hair.

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