Guide to Hair Clips

Hair Clip : What is it?

Hair Clips

Hair clips are hair accessories used for holding the hair in place to keep it off the face and for accentuating the hair and face. They are available in different materials, designs, colors and sizes.  They can be used for tying the entire width of hair at the back of the head or for clipping back the hair on each side of the head to keep it off the face. 

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Types of Hair Clips

Hair ClipsHair Clips

Kinds of Hair Clips include the following:

Plastic hair clips

  • Plastic hair clips are lightweight and durable.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • They are ideal for young girls.
  • They are usually sold in bulk.

Metal hair clips

  • Metal hair clips are heavier and more durable than plastic hair clips.
  • They can hold more hair.
  • They can come in silver, bronze, copper, tin, aluminum, steel, or gold.

Wood hair clips

  • Wooden hair clips provide a classic and earthy look.
  • They can be curved or sculptured.
  • They can have plain or intricate designs.

Fabric hair clips

  • Fabric hair clips are softer and more feminine looking.
  • They can have different bow decorations in various prints such as polka dots, stripes, and plaid.

Stone hair clips

  • Hair clips decorated with gemstones glitter like jewels.
  • They are ideal for evening and formal affairs.

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Choosing Hair Clips (Buying tips)

Weight:  Choose a lightweight hair clip that does not tug on your hair when worn. Stressing the hair in the long term can cause spot baldness.    

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