Guide to Hair Combs

Hair Comb : What is it?

Hair Combs

Hair combs are used to clean, smooth, and straighten hair. They are made up of several small teeth arranged on a flat, rigid frame. They are used by sliding the teeth through the hair and pulling down to remove dirt and tangles. Most combs are made of hard plastic, but wood and metal combs are also available. Some combs have jewels or ornaments added to the frame, so that they can be left on for decoration. 

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Types of Hair Combs

Hair CombsHair Combs

Kinds of Hair Combs include the following:

Wide-toothed combs

  • Wide-toothed combs have thick teeth set at large intervals.
  • They are commonly used to remove difficult tangles from wet hair.
  • They are ideal for people with curly hair because they can pull through knots without damaging the hair strands.

Fine-toothed combs

  • Fine-toothed combs have small, closely spaced teeth.
  • They are best for removing dirt, dust, and other small particles from the hair.
  • They are sometimes used after detangling with a wide-toothed comb to create a smooth, straight finish.

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Choosing Hair Combs (Buying tips)

Materials: Choose a hair comb made of sturdy plastic. Look for slightly flexible teeth to keep them from breaking when you pull too hard. Make sure the teeth are smooth and even to prevent snags and breakage.

Tips: Choose a hair comb with rounded tips to keep from scratching scalp when you comb. The tips should be slightly tapered to hook through the strands, but not finely pointed. Make sure the tips are uniformly molded to keep them from breaking off.

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