Guide to Hair Curlers

Hair Curler : What is it?

Hair Curlers

Hair curlers are used to set curls or waves in the hair. They consist of a hollow barrel with slits for securing them over the strands. They are usually threaded onto the hair and rolled partially or completely toward the scalp. They are commonly used with hair setting lotions or other treatments for holding the curls. They left on for 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the type of treatment used.

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Types of Hair Curlers

Hair CurlersHair Curlers

Kinds of Hair Curlers include the following:

Plastic hair curlers

  • Plastic hair curlers are made of thick plastic mesh with open sides.
  • They are the cheapest type of hair curler, but provide limited hold and may take longer to set the curls.

Metal-plated hair curlers

  • Metal-plated hair curlers have plastic barrels lined with thin sheets of metal.
  • They hold treatments faster than plastic curlers and create tighter, longer-lasting curls.

Sponge hair curlers

  • Sponge hair curlers have small sponges fitted into the barrel.
  • They help prevent treatments from dripping and provide excellent hold on the hair.

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Choosing Hair Curlers (Buying tips)

Barrel size: Choose a hair curler with a wide barrel to create large, wavy curls, and a smaller barrel if you prefer fine curls. Look for one with adjustable barrels so that you can use different widths according to your preference.

Hold: Choose a hair curler with a secure locking mechanism to keep it from snapping open or sliding down your hair. Make sure it locks securely into place without damaging the hair strands.

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