Guide to Hair Dryers

Hair Dryer : What is it?

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers, also called blow dryers, use hot air to speed up drying of wet hair. They work by heating the surrounding air and concentrating it in a chamber, then blowing the hot air outward. They usually have temperature settings to help regulate heat and avoid scorching the hair. Hair dryers can also add volume to the hair when used with a styling brush. More advanced models have an ionizing feature, which blows negative ions over the hair to help retain its moisture. 

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Types of Hair Dryers

Hair DryersHair Dryers

Kinds of Hair Dryers include the following:

Handheld hair dryers

  • Handheld hair dryers consist of a heating chamber and spout attached to a handle.
  • They are used by sliding the pout over the hair, focusing on specific areas at a time.
  • They usually run on batteries, AC power, or both.

Hooded hair dryers

  • Hooded hair dryers have a large heating hood attached to a fixed or movable frame.
  • The user sits with his head under the hood, which blows hot air evenly over the hair.
  • They can be floor-standing or mounted on desktops. Floor-standing models are commonly used in salons, while desk-mounted ones are suitable for home use.

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Choosing Hair Dryers (Buying tips)

Temperature controls: Choose a hair dryer with a low to high heat option to prevent overheating. Look for one with a digital display for more precise monitoring. If you have fine or delicate hair, look for one with a cool setting, which blows cold air to neutralize the heat after the hair has dried.

Air flow: Choose a hair dryer with an adjustable air flow. This will allow you to use the dryer a safe distance from the hair without reducing the temperature. Look for one with programmable air flow times if you use the dryer regularly, so that you can set it to turn off at preset times.

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