Guide to Hair Dyes

Hair Dye : What is it?

Hair Dyes

Hair dyes are products used for changing the natural color of the hair, enhancing existing hair color, highlight sections of the hair, and disguising uneven hair color or graying hair. They are color pigments containing permanent or semi-permanent chemical agents that penetrate the inner layers of the hair or coat only the outer surface. They are available in different shades to suit varying skin tones and hair textures. 

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Types of Hair Dyes

Hair DyesHair Dyes

Kinds of Hair Dyes include the following:

Temporary hair dyes

  • Temporary hair dyes usually lasts after one to two washes, although they may last longer on blond hair.
  • They are available in liquid or spray form.
  • They usually contain FD&C dyes.

Semi-permanent hair dyes

  • Semi-permanent hair dyes usually fade after four to six weeks.
  • They are popularly used to cover gray hair without lightening the color of the rest of the hair.
  • They usually contain FD&C and food-grade dyes.
  • Henna is a type of semi-permanent hair dye, but it is not suitable for porous hair.

Progressive hair dyes

  • Progressive hair dyes deposits more color into the hair the more they are used.
  • Some products contain lead and other toxic materials that can be dangerous to the environment and human health.

Permanent hair dyes

  • Permanent hair dyes contain natural and chemical ingredients such as monoethanolamine and ammonia.
  • They usually contain harmful chemicals that can cause scalp itching, allergies, hair loss, scalp flaking, nausea, and rashes.

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Choosing Hair Dyes (Buying tips)

Expert opinion:  Before choosing a hair dye or before dying your hair, consult with a hair expert first. Many consequences come with choosing the wrong hair dye for your type of hair, scalp, or skin such as different color outcome, drying of the scalp, hair breakage, and hair loss. The chemistry and correct color combination requires the knowledge and expertise of professionals.    

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