Guide to Hair Gels

Hair Gel : What is it?

Hair Gels

Hair gel is a hairstyling product used for holding the hair in a certain shape or position. Its gel consistency stiffens the hair and gives it added shine. In terms of holding capability, it is weaker than hair wax or hair glue. 

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Types of Hair Gels

Hair GelsHair Gels

Kinds of Hair Gels include the following:

Regular hair gel

  • Regular hair gel is used for hair that follows easily.
  • They prevent hair from sticking out.
  • They provide hair with a smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance.

Strong hold hair gel

  • Strong hold hair gel is ideal for stubborn and curly hair.
  • It is used for doing elaborate hairstyles such as spikes and mohawks.

Wet look hair gel

  • A wet look hair gel has a strong hold.
  • It makes hair look wet and shiny.
  • It is used for slicked back hairstyles.

Colored hair gel

  • Colored hair gel has a hair coloring property that temporarily colors hair.
  • The hair color washes off after one to three washings.

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Choosing Hair Gels (Buying tips)

Ingredients:  If you want a hair gel with an extra strong hold, choose one with a more viscous consistency. It should also contain cationic polymers as its main ingredient along with copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone, methacrylamide, and N-vinylimidazole.

Moisturizers: Look for a hair gel with moisturizers such as aloe vera to condition your hair and prevent it from drying.

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