Guide to Hair Growth Shampoos

Hair Growth Shampoo : What is it?

Hair Growth Shampoos

A hair growth shampoo is used to increase the rate of hair growth, thicken hair, and make it grow longer.

However, these claims usually lack extensive research to make it be considered as a total solution to pattern baldness, Alopecia, and other similar hair and scalp conditions.  At the very least, it can be used as an aid for those undergoing hair growth treatment, but it is unlikely to provide considerable and significant hair growth for those suffering from hair loss. Those who want to use a hair growth shampoo to solve their hair loss problems should consult a dermatologist first as some of its chemical ingredients can exacerbate the problem. 

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Types of Hair Growth Shampoos

Hair Growth ShampoosHair Growth Shampoos

Kinds of Hair Growth Shampoos include the following:

Hair growth shampoo with copper peptides

  • A hair growth shampoo with copper peptides is said to repair the scalp tissue in the growth area to promote healthier hair growth.
  • It has been around for several years now, but it only has anecdotal evidence to its hair growth properties and effectiveness.

Hair growth shampoo with pH balancers

  • A hair growth shampoo with pH balancers balances the pH level of the hair to promote hair regrowth and keep it in good condition.

Hair growth shampoo with ketaconazole

  • Ketaconazole is an active ingredient used in hair growth shampoos.
  • It has a diluting effect on DHTs.
  • Studies show that ketaconazole may slow down the early stages of hair loss.

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Choosing Hair Growth Shampoos (Buying tips)

Labels:  Be wary of hair growth shampoos claiming they can grow back all your lost hair because this is highly unlikely. Look for a product that lists down all its ingredients so you can check with the FDA or consumer guides if it has any “blacklisted” ingredients. If you really want to find a solution to your hair loss problem, consult with a medical hair expert.    

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