Guide to Hair loss prevention vitamins for women

Hair Loss Prevention Vitamin For Women : What is it?

Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins For Women

Vitamins to prevent hair loss in women are dietary supplements especially designed for females suffering from hair loss problems. Unlike in men where hair loss is caused by DHT blocking hair follicles, hair loss in women is primarily caused by hormonal changes inside the body and the lack of enough vitamin supply in the scalp. Some of the hormonal changes that can be addressed by these vitamins are pregnancy, emotional stress, thyroid problems, and ceased of use of oral contraceptives. Aside from improving a woman’s physical appearance, these vitamins also have significant contributions to the internal health of the body.

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Types of Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins For Women

Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins For WomenHair Loss Prevention Vitamins For Women

Kinds of Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins For Women include the following:

Vitamin to prevent hair loss in women after pregnancy

  • These prevent hair loss due to sudden change in hormonal levels in the body after pregnancy.
  • Zinc, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, biotin and Coenzyme Q10 are recommended types. These vitamins are also for general use.
  • Most pre-natal vitamins are also effective in preventing hair loss after pregnancy

Stress vitamins

  • These vitamins reduce the effects of hormonal changes caused by stress.
  • The most common type of anti-stress vitamins are the those belonging to the B-complex.


  • Vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Anti-oxidants maintain the general health of your scalp and hair by clearing away dead cells and harmful toxins.
  • Vitamin E is responsible for good blood circulation and ensuring that your hair follicles receive proper blood supply.

Vitamin A

  • This vitamin is primarily responsible for ensuring the health of cells and tissues around your body, including your scalp and hair.
  • It must be taken in moderation though because excessive amounts of vitamin A in the body can lead to further hair thinning instead of healthier hair

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Choosing Hair Loss Prevention Vitamins For Women (Buying tips)

Dosage. Too much vitamins in your bloodstream and the body is bad your health so choose a vitamin with just the proper dosage. A dietician should know the safe and recommended amount of vitamin to take.

Diet. Your diet plays a big role in choosing the a vitamin. It is important to take just the proper amount of vitamins, so if your diet is already rich in a certain vitamin, you should avoid taking equivalent supplements.

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