Guide to Hair loss products

Hair Loss Product : What is it?

Hair Loss Products

Hair loss products are an assortment of herbal- and vitamin-based formulations for treatment of hair thinning and gradual baldness. These products include shampoos, conditioners, and oral vitamins and contain ingredients that can revive loss hair by targeting the causes of this problem, which are usually caused by inflammation of the scalp, reduction of blood circulation in hair follicles and the influence of hormonal changes inside the body.
Hair loss products also prevent and cure alopecia, which the clinical term for male baldness. Alopecia happens when DHT, a converted form of testosterone, gets in the follicles and causes these to shrink and inhibiting hair from growing all together. Most hair loss products contain ingredients, such as zinc and ginko bilboa, that prevents the production of DHT and thus reducing alopecia.

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Types of Hair Loss Products

Hair Loss ProductsHair Loss Products

Kinds of Hair Loss Products include the following:


  • Hair loss shampoo washes out dirt, pollutants and dead skin cell from your scalp.
  • It also removes DHT from your follicles to prevent your hair from thinning further.
  • Most shampoos also contain nourishing ingredients like amino-acids to bring back the health of your hair and scalp.


  • Normally used with hair loss shampoos, conditioners provide extra-nourishment and moisture for your hair and scalp.
  • While most shampoos claim that they nourish the scalp, their main function is still cleaning it. Conditioners provide your scalp and hair with nutrients necessary to promote its health.


  • Most vitamins are taken orally.
  • The most effective vitamins known to kill DHT are the the B-vitamin family, especially B5 or panthenol.
  • These oral vitamins are one of the most effective hair loss products because they target the production of DHT and revives the growth of hair from within your body. 

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Choosing Hair Loss Products (Buying tips)

Condition of hair. Choose a product that is best for the condition of your hair and the degree of your hair loss. If your hair is only starting to thin, you can start with hair loss shampoos and conditioners but for more severe hair loss, then oral vitamins may be more effective.

Gender. Hair loss in men and women are two different conditions and must be treated differently. What may work form men would not necessarily have the same effect on women hair loss.

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