Guide to Hair Pins

Hair Pin : What is it?

Hair Pins

A hair pin is a hair accessory made of a thin piece of metal used for holding sections of hair in place. It is available in different widths and lengths. It can be plain or elaborately decorated or jeweled. 

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Types of Hair Pins

Hair PinsHair Pins

Kinds of Hair Pins include the following:

Bobby pin

  • A bobby pin is a small and plain hair pin.
  • It comes in different colors to match the different hair colors.
  • It was widely used in the 1920s when the hairstyle known as the “bob cut” was in fashion. It was used to keep the bobbed hair in place.
  • It is also used for lock picking.

Jeweled hair pin

  • A jeweled hair pin is adorned with gemstones.
  • It is commonly decorated in floral, butterfly, and rainbow shapes.
  • It is inserted in the hair mainly as decoration.
  • It is ideal for special and formal occasions such as debuts and weddings.

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Choosing Hair Pins (Buying tips)

Finish:  Choose hair pins with plain finishes as coated or plated hair pins can peel off and look unattractive.   

Choose a jeweled hair pain with a welded--not glued--decoration to prevent it from falling off easily.

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