Guide to Hot Air Brushes

Hot Air Brush : What is it?

Hot Air Brushes

Hot air brushes are used to comb and style hair while blow drying. They are made up of brush bristles covering a rotating barrel, which blows hot air through a set of vents. The barrel is attached to a handle, where the power switch and temperature controls are usually located. Most models are handheld and powered by batteries or AC power.

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Types of Hot Air Brushes

Hot Air BrushesHot Air Brushes

Kinds of Hot Air Brushes include the following:

Chrome hot air brushes

  • Chrome hot air brushes have metallic barrels with a slightly rough surface, which may cause snags and breakage.
  • They are cheaper than ceramic brushes, but they take longer to heat up and cool down.
  • They are recommended for occasional use and for users with healthy, undamaged hair.

Ceramic hot air brushes

  • Ceramic hot air brushes have a smoother finish that reduces friction and prevents overheating.
  • They heat up faster than chrome brushes and offer easier temperature controls.
  • More advanced models offer ionic heating, which conditions the hair while heating to prevent scorching.

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Choosing Hot Air Brushes (Buying tips)

Temperature controls: Choose a hot air brush with variable heat settings. Look for one with a high temperature limit if you have thick, coarse hair to better penetrate the strands. For fine and limp hair, choose a lower temperature to avoid burning and breakage.

Barrel size: Choose a hot air brush with a wide barrel to cover larger areas with a single sweep. Larger barrels are ideal for longer hair and for setting waves. Look for one with removable bristles so that you can choose between bristle types.

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