Guide to Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic Hair Dryer : What is it?

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers are hair styling equipment that use specialized ionic technology to quickly dry hair. They dry hair faster than ordinary hair dryers, while maintaining the hair’s natural oils and shine. They are available in home and professional models. 

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Types of Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic Hair DryersIonic Hair Dryers

Kinds of Ionic Hair Dryers include the following:

Home ionic hair dryers

  • Home ionic hair dryers are designed to be used by regular consumers.
  • Their concentrators are made of plastic and aluminum.
  • They have a shiny finish like chrome.
  • They are powered by electricity.
  • They have several air speed settings.

Professional ionic hair dryers

  • Professional ionic hair dryers are used in hair treatment centers and salons.
  • They have heat and air speed settings, cold air buttons, anti-static, and detachable lint filters.
  • They are usually resistant to shock and water immersion.
  • Some models claim to add volume and shine to hair.

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Choosing Ionic Hair Dryers (Buying tips)

Adjustability: Choose an ionic hair dryer with an adjustable air and heat speed that allows you to control the heat to prevent your hair from drying out or getting frizzy.

Cold air button:
Choose an ionic hair dryer with a cold air button to give you the option to dry your hair and set your hair curls using cold air.

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