Guide to Nail Clippers

Nail Clipper : What is it?

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers, also called nail trimmers, are used to trim the nails for grooming purposes. They usually consist of a curved cutting edge, known as the head, and a handheld lever for pressing the head onto the nails. The head may be concave or convex in shape. Convex heads are used for trimming toenails, while concave heads are meant for fingernails. Most nail clippers are made of metal and feature a small nail file for smoothing out the cut edges. 

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Types of Nail Clippers

Nail ClippersNail Clippers

Kinds of Nail Clippers include the following:

Guillotine-type nail clippers

  • These nail clippers have a round hole with sharpened edges cut into the head.
  • They are used by inserting over the nail and slicing across with the inner cutting edge.

Pliers-type nail clippers

  • These nail clippers have two blades attached to separate handles.
  • The handles are hinged together at the center, so that the blades cut from both sides of the nail with a single clip.

Scissor-type nail clippers

  • These nail clippers have two straight blades and two hinged finger holes at the handles.
  • They are used like regular scissors, by closing the blades over the nail and pressing down to cut.

Lever-type nail clippers

  • These nail clippers have horizontal heads with a narrow opening for fitting over the nail.
  • They often include smaller grooming implements including files, nippers, and pointed tips for removing dirt from the nail beds.

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Choosing Nail Clippers (Buying tips)

Sharpness: Choose a nail clipper that can stay sharp with frequent use. Make sure the cutting edges are hard and will not bend or chip, as this can cause uneven cuts. Look for those with wide blades are easy to sharpen on your own.

Blade size: Look for a nail clipper with blades that fit properly over your nails. If you are getting a curved blade, make sure it curves properly over your nail and will not cut the surrounding skin. Choose a smaller blade for cutting around corners and adding detail to the tips.

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