Guide to Oral Irrigators

Oral Irrigator : What is it?

Oral Irrigators

An oral irrigator acts like a ‘shower’ for your gums – it delivers a cleansing solution to hard-to-reach areas and crevices above and below the gum-line while it clears the whole cavity area of plaque and other harmful bacterias. Most (if not all) of the oral irrigators in the market are supragingival and subgingival.  Supragingival irrigators are created for areas above the gumline. Subgingival irrigators are created for areas below the gumline.

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Types of Oral Irrigators

Oral IrrigatorsOral Irrigators

Kinds of Oral Irrigators include the following:


Most electric oral irrigators are now portable and can do deep pocket cleansing aside from whole mouth washes.


Manual oral irrigators are about the size of an eyedropper and are very portable. They are ideal for travelling. Because of the absence of water-powered spray function, it can only remedy specific areas but not clean the whole cavity.


Faucet oral irrigators are placed in the indoor water supply and can be controlled from the faucet or shower.

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Choosing Oral Irrigators (Buying tips)

Function: Determine the function of the oral irrigator in your dental healthcare: will it be to dislodge plaques in your gums? Or will it be to irrigate solutions to deeper mouth pockets? Choose an irrigator that will suit your needs. You can have an oral irrigator solely for home use and another one for travel.

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