Guide to Shampoo Trays

Shampoo Tray : What is it?

Shampoo Trays

A shampoo tray is a device used for helping disabled individuals in wheelchairs shampoo their hair. It is made of hard, molded plastic. It is worn behind the neck with the wide part resting over the sink and two sides resting on top of the user’s shoulders. In the middle is a crevice that acts as a neck opening. It also tapers water flow to prevent overflowing.

A shampoo tray has a long, wide body that supports the user’s hair to prevent soap and water from spilling all over the bathroom floor. It comes in extendable and neck adaptor models with rubber facings and raised edges.

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Types of Shampoo Trays

Shampoo TraysShampoo Trays

Kinds of Shampoo Trays include the following:

Extendable shampoo tray

  • An extendable shampoo tray is made of hard plastic.
  • Its length can be extended up to six inches or more for maximum head support.
  • It usually comes in white.

Neck adaptor shampoo tray

  • A neck adaptor shampoo tray is made of molded plastic.
  • The neck adaptor is made of soft foam to manage water flow.
  • It usually comes in white.

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Choosing Shampoo Trays (Buying tips)

Mobility: Choose a shampoo tray with a neck adaptor that moves along with the head for maximum comfort. The neck adaptor can be connected by hook-and-loop fasteners.

Choose an extendable shampoo tray that can accommodate different hair lengths and prevent water spillage.

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