Guide to Shavers

Shaver : What is it?


Shavers are personal grooming devices used for removing facial and body hair. They consist of a handle and a shave head made with stationary or rotating blades that contour to delicate and curved body areas. They are available in men’s and women’s shavers.

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Types of Shavers


Kinds of Shavers include the following:

Men’s shavers

  • Men’s shavers have stainless steel rotary or foil heads ideal for close shaves.
  • They are contoured, allowing users to glide them smoothly along the jawline and facial curves.
  • They can be made with gel or lotion dispensers, LED indicators, and trimmer attachments.
  • They can be powered by batteries or electricity.

Women’s shavers

  • Women’s shavers have contoured shave heads that provide close shaves.
  • They can come in epilator models that use tweezer-like actions to remove hair from the roots.
  • They have rubber grips that prevent them from slipping off the hand.
  • They can be used while bathing or after a shower.
  • They can be powered by batteries or electricity.

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Choosing Shavers (Buying tips)

Shaving head: Choose a men’s shaver with long slots for shaving long hairs on the chin, upper lip, or head. Look for one with a shaving head with holes for removing stubble.

Dual blade: Choose a shaver with double blades to get closer shaves. One blade lifts each strand of hair above the skin while the other nips the elevated strand safely to prevent nicks.

Hair collection compartment: Choose a shaver with a hair collection compartment to prevent shaved hair strands from falling on the floor or carpet. Clean out the chamber regularly to prevent blockage.

Trimmer attachments: Choose a shaver with various trimmer attachments for controlling the length of hair to be trimmed as well as the shaving style.

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