Guide to Tweezers

Tweezer : What is it?


Tweezers are instruments used for holding and plucking objects that cannot be easily managed by human hands such as hair.  They look like small tongs or pincers with pointed tips. They are commonly used for removing unwanted body hair on the eyebrows, chin, underarms, stomach, and legs.

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Types of Tweezers


Kinds of Tweezers include the following:

Regular tweezers

  • Regular tweezers are mainly used in the home.
  • They have pointed ends.
  • They are commonly used for tweezing the eyebrows and random body hair.
  • Some models are specifically made for sensitive skin.
  • They can be used by both men and women.
  • They are generally inexpensive and readily available.

Round tip tweezers

  • Round tip tweezers are used for precise but less harmful tweezing.
  • They have a great hold on small and fine ingrown hair.
  • Unlike the other types of tweezers, they do not scrape the skin.
  • Those with round but slanted ends are called Ramy tweezers.
  • They an be used by both men and women.

Square tip tweezers

  • Square tip tweezers are commonly used for plucking bunches of coarse, thick hair.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are commonly used at home and in professional salons.
  • However, they can easily scratch or rip the skin.

Slant tip tweezers

  • Slant tip tweezers provides excellent control.
  • They are less likely to injure hair and skin.
  • They can be used by both men and women.
  • They are readily available in supermarkets and local drug stores.

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Choosing Tweezers (Buying tips)

Materials used: Choose tweezers with an all-stainless steel construction for excellent quality and durability. They also do not tarnish or rust.

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