Guide to Wigs

Wig : What is it?


A wig is an artificial head of hair that can be made of human hair, horsehair, or synthetic materials.  It consists of a hair cap woven or injected with strands of hair. It is worn on the head for fashion, role-playing, disguise, cosmetic enhancement, and other stylistic reasons including religious and cultural observance. It is commonly worn to disguise baldness. It is a popular option for those suffering from temporary or permanent alopecia. It is available in different colors, hairstyles, and lengths.

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Types of Wigs


Kinds of Wigs include the following:

Natural hair wig

  • Natural hair wig is the most natural looking wig.
  • It has the same appearance and texture as real hair.
  • It behaves like real hair because it is natural.
  • It is commonly used by those suffering from alopecia and those who need to disguise baldness.
  • It is the least detectable wig yet the hardest to maintain.
  • It can be tinted or dyed just like natural hair.
  • It can last for only six months to a year.

Synthetic wig

  • A synthetic wig is made of synthetic hair that looks like real hair.
  • It is easier to maintain, but it is also the easiest to detect.
  • It is more affordable than natural hair wig.
  • It is commonly used as fashion wigs.

Blended wig

  • A blended wig combines the best features of natural hair and synthetic wig.
  • It is less detectable than a synthetic wig and easier to maintain than a natural hair wig.
  • It is commonly used as costume wigs.

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Choosing Wigs (Buying tips)

Cap:  Look for a wig with a breathable cap to prevent it from trapping sweat when worn for an extended period.

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