Guide to Ruby Pendants

Ruby Pendant : What is it?

Ruby Pendants

Ruby pendants are decorated with ruby, a bright red precious stone. They are hung from necklaces to accent and add color to an outfit. They come in various designs, such as solitaire rubies and individually set multiple rubies. Rubies are usually mounted on bezels or basket mounts, although free-form cuts and mounts are common in contemporary designs. They may also be combined with other jewels, such as diamonds, or precious metals like gold and silver.

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Types of Ruby Pendants

Ruby PendantsRuby Pendants

Kinds of Ruby Pendants include the following:

Burmese ruby pendants

  • Burmese ruby pendants have a deep red color, often described as “pigeon's blood.”
  • They are the most valuable and expensive types of rubies.
  • They also have the least amount of impurity, although some varieties have light pink or blue tints.

Thai ruby pendants

  • Thai ruby pendants have a slightly darker color, caused by iron stains.
  • They usually have brown or burgundy hues.
  • They are often heat-treated to enhance their color.

Sri Lankan ruby pendants

  • Sri Lankan ruby pendants have light pink tones.
  • Their impurities are more visible, but they sometimes add to the value of the ruby.

African ruby pendants

  • African ruby pendants are dark red to reddish-purple.
  • They originate from Madagascar and Tanzania. Tanzanian rubies closely resemble garnets, while Madagascar rubies almost equal the shade of Burmese rubies.
  • Smaller stones are usually more valuable because they have a deeper color.

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Choosing Ruby Pendants (Buying tips)

Heat treatment: Choose a ruby pendant that has undergone as little heat treatment as possible. Heat-treated rubies tend to lose luster and color over time and scratch more easily.

Cut: Choose a ruby pendant with a multi-faceted cut for better light reflection. These will also scratch less easily because the surfaces are smaller. If you have a star ruby, have it cut n a cabochon to better show the star streaks, and mount on a four-prong basket or frame.

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