Guide to Speaker Cabinets

Speaker Cabinet : What is it?

Speaker Cabinets

Speaker cabinets are wooden or plastic cases used for keeping the speaker parts together. They are made to be strong and stiff to prevent them vibrating and adding noise to the sound. Weak speaker cabinets can be easily damaged by super low and super high frequency sounds. High quality speakers with high sound outputs need stronger speaker cabinets to prevent the sound from breaking or becoming muffled.

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Types of Speaker Cabinets

Speaker CabinetsSpeaker Cabinets

Kinds of Speaker Cabinets include the following:

Wooden speaker cabinets

Wooden speaker cabinets have the ability to maintain sound quality. Their visual appeal adds style to any room. They are used in low frequency speakers such as subwoofers and bass guitar speakers. Most high quality speakers are usually encased in wooden speaker cabinets.

Plastic speaker cabinets

Plastic speaker cabinets are used in smaller speakers such as computer speakers. They are lighter and more durable than the wooden speaker cabinets. They can hold up to mid-range and high-frequency sounds well. 

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Choosing Speaker Cabinets (Buying tips)

Braces: Choose a speaker cabinet with internal bracing for added durability.

Chambers: Look for a speaker cabinet with isolated chambers to keep the different drivers apart and prevent them affecting each other when they move in and out. 

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