Guide to Stage Lights

Stage Light : What is it?

Stage Lights

Stage lights illuminate stages in nightclubs, theaters, and discos. They often come in different colors and are used in various motion patterns to create stage effects. A basic stage light consists of a bulb inside a box or housing, with a lens and reflector to direct the light at the intended spot. Some lights also have several bulbs in a single housing that rotates from a central location.

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Types of Stage Lights

Stage LightsStage Lights

Kinds of Stage Lights include the following:

Hanging stage lights

Hanging stage lights are hung from long racks on the floor or ceiling. They usually come in cylindrical fixtures called par cans. Most models can swivel from the rack to direct the light at different spots.

Focus lights

Focus stage lights project concentrated beams of light onto specific spots. They are usually in bright, fluorescent colors visible against dim or foggy backgrounds. They are often programmed to move across the stage and follow specific subjects.

Strip lights

Strip lights consist of several bulbs arranged in rows on a single fixture. They are commonly used to light up cycloramas, a curved curtain or wall near the backstage. They are often coated with gels or colored glass to produce different colored lights. 

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Choosing Stage Lights (Buying tips)

Lamp type: Choose a stage light with halogen or LED bulbs to minimize power consumption. Avoid incandescent bulbs because they are bulky and tend to overheat with frequent use. Connect high-intensity lights to dimmers or control boards to help control brightness.

Controls: Choose a stage light that connects to a lighting control board so that you can control them from backstage. For general use, each light should connect to a dimmer and movement controller. For large lighting systems, make sure each light can be controlled independently. 

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