Guide to Aquarium Plant Weights

Aquarium Plant Weight : What is it?

Aquarium Plant Weights

Aquarium plant weights are lead or metal strips twisted and tied around plants and driftwood to anchor them securely in the bottom of an aquarium tank.  They are available in cut and rolled varieties.

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Types of Aquarium Plant Weights

Aquarium Plant WeightsAquarium Plant Weights

Kinds of Aquarium Plant Weights include the following:

Cut aquarium plant weights

Cut aquarium plant weights are made of metal strips.
They are already precut.
They are available in different widths.

Rolled aquarium plant weights

Rolled aquarium plant weights are made of solid lead.
They come in rolls.
They have a length of 10 feet or three meters.

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Choosing Aquarium Plant Weights (Buying tips)

Pliability: Choose soft aquarium plant weights that you can twist easily.

Size: Choose aquarium plant weights less than half an inch thick to keep them invisible in the aquarium.

Choose a rolled aquarium plant weight instead of the cut variety when tying down numerous plants in different sizes. It is also more economical.

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