Guide to Aquarium Rocks

Aquarium Rock : What is it?

Aquarium Rocks

Aquarium rocks are used as fish homes and decorative elements in an aquarium. They are mostly made of natural materials such as volcanic ash and. They have uneven surfaces and holes great for fish to use as homes. They are available in tufa, ocean, petrified wood, and base varieties. 

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Types of Aquarium Rocks

Aquarium RocksAquarium Rocks

Kinds of Aquarium Rocks include the following:

Aquarium tufa rocks

Aquarium tufa rocks are porous and lightweight.
They are ideal for hard freshwater and marine aquariums.

Aquarium ocean rocks

Aquarium ocean rocks are heavier than tufa rocks.
They come in larger chunks that displace more water.

Aquarium petrified woods

Aquarium petrified woods are fossilized woods made up of minerals that replace their organic components.

They come in various sizes.
They are commonly found in Greece, Australia, Argentina, and the Czech Republic.

Aquarium base rocks

Aquarium base rocks provide homes for fish and anchor vertebrates.
They are also called calcium carbonate or calcareous base rocks.

They are heavy.
They are ideal for cichlid tanks and brackish or marine aquariums.

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Choosing Aquarium Rocks (Buying tips)

Number: Determine the number of aquarium rocks you need by calculating the number of fish in your aquarium. More fish means more rocks to be used as homes and resting places.

For variety and color, buy several types of aquarium rocks. Just make sure they are ideal for the type of fish and aquarium you have.

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