Guide to Cat Diapers

Cat Diaper : What is it?

Cat Diapers

Cat diapers are worn by cats for trapping waste or urine. They are made like disposable baby diapers, only they are specifically designed for feline use. They are commonly used by cats with bladder or bowel problems or those who have undergone surgery.

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Types of Cat Diapers

Cat DiapersCat Diapers

Kinds of Cat Diapers include the following:

Standard cat diapers

  • Standard cat diapers are made with tail holes and comfortable waistbands.
  • They have adjustable, nonstick fasteners.

Deluxe cat diapers

  • Deluxe cat diapers have advanced diaper features like multiple leak barriers and stretchable waistbands.
  • They also have odor-eliminating features.
  • Some are available in extra small sizes to fit kittens.

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Choosing Cat Diapers (Buying tips)

Fasteners: Choose cat diapers with adjustable fasteners like Velcro to ensure proper and comfortable fit.

Leak barriers: Choose cat diapers with up to six leak barriers to keep cat mess safely in.

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