Picky Poll: Starbucks or Starsucks?

Do you buy Starbucks coffee?


How often?
5 to 6 times a week
2 to 4 times a week
Once a week

Why? Choose only your primary reason.
I like the taste of Starbucks coffee.
I like the ambiance in Starbucks.
I like the 'prestige' or 'hip factor' associated with it.
It don't have time to make my own coffee.
It's the only coffee shop near my house/work. If I had another choice, I would buy somewhere else.
Other reason (type below):

What should Starbucks improve on?
Nothing. It’s perfect.
Taste could be better.
Price should be lower.
Other suggestion:


Why? Choose only your primary reason.
I do not like the taste of Starbucks coffee.
It’s too expensive.
There is no Starbucks outlet near my house/work.
I boycott their unfair trade and labor practices.
Other reason (type below):

Can you suggest an alternative to Starbucks?*Information may only be used for our directories and future articles. It is protected by the PRIVACY POLICY.
I want to recommend an alternative coffee shop/brand. Here is its name and address/contact details:
  Name of coffee shop/brand:
  Address (Street, City, Country):
  Website (if any):
Just make your own coffee at home.
Other suggestion:


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