Guide to Barbells

Barbell : What is it?


A barbell can weigh from 10 to 100 pounds, depending on the skill level of the lifter. Its weight depends on the weight of the discs, which are typically made of cast iron. The disc plates are slid into both ends of the barbell and locked in place by collars.  Bench presses, deadlifts, squats, biceps curls, and good-mornings are just some of the many exercises that can be executed using barbells. 

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Types of Barbells


Kinds of Barbells include the following:

Olympic barbells

An Olympic barbell is highly durable. It can carry disc plates weighing as much as 800 pounds. Olympic barbells are commonly used in gyms and professional training.
Its outer portions are two inches wide. The steel bar is usually seven feet long and weighs 45 pounds. Smaller Olympic barbells are about four to six feet long.


A standard barbell measures five to six feet long. It is commonly used in home gyms. The steel bar usually weighs 22 pounds.

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Choosing Barbells (Buying tips)

Grip:  Look for a barbell with a knurled crosshatch pattern on the grip areas so you can get a secure grip even when your hands become sweaty.

Plates:  Get rubber bumper plates for your barbell because they do not bend or break when they are dropped frequently on the lifting platform.

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