Guide to Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle Wheel : What is it?

Bicycle Wheels

A bicycle wheel is made up of three parts: the bicycle tire, the spokes, and the rim.

Bicycle rims are self-butted. They attach and secure bicycle tires to the wheel. They can be made of lightweight carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum alloy.  Bicycle spokes connect bicycle rims to the hub. A spoke is composed of a nipple that adjusts tension. Spokes can be made of stainless steel or chrome-plated metal. Bicycle wheels can have as little as 12 to as many as 48 spokes. Bicycle tires – the outermost covering of bicycle wheels – can either be clincher or tubular.

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Types of Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle WheelsBicycle Wheels

Kinds of Bicycle Wheels include the following:

Racing bicycle wheels

Racing bicycle wheels are made of lightweight, aerodynamic tires and spokes that allow riders to ride swiftly through different race tracks. They are lean and thin with vast rim depths. They typically have 28 rear spokes and 20 front spokes. Some racing bicycle wheels can be made of aluminum rims, while some are made of extremely lightweight carbon fiber.

Mountain bike wheels

Mountain bike wheels are designed specifically for mountain biking. They normally come with clincher tires and 26-inch rims (standard mountain bike size). Some newer models are beginning to use tubeless tires. Mountain bike wheels have lower air pressure tires for increased shock absorption and traction.

BMX wheels

BMX wheels are specifically designed for BMX bikes. They are wider and shorter than mountain bike wheels for better shock and pressure absorption. They are ideal for jumps and dirt tracks.

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Choosing Bicycle Wheels (Buying tips)

Use. Choose bicycle wheels appropriate to your riding style. Consider lighter bicycle wheels for racing. They do not have too much drag and allow you to pedal swiftly through race courses. If you are into stunt riding, however, choose wheels that are thicker and stronger.

Maintenance.  Check your bicycle wheels regularly. Determine if your tires have punctures or if you have broken spokes that need replacing. Regular maintenance will keep you safer when riding.

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