Guide to Diving Boards

Diving Board : What is it?

Diving Boards

Diving boards are flat, spring-loaded platforms used as surfaces to jump from when diving. They are usually installed along the edge of a swimming pool. They usually have non-skid or traction coatings to prevent the user from slipping off during a dive. They are slightly springy and flexible, bending down with the user’s weight to add more energy and height to the jump.

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Types of Diving Boards

Diving BoardsDiving Boards

Kinds of Diving Boards include the following:

Wooden diving boards

These diving boards are made up of wooden cores coated with fiberglass. The wood provides flexibility while the fiberglass makes it water-resistant. Some also have wooden panels at the bottom for additional support.

Aluminum diving boards

Aluminum diving boards are made from aluminum slabs and are usually painted blue. They are usually mounted on adjustable fulcrums and can be flipped up when not in use. Sand or crushed glass is often mixed with the paint to add traction.

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Choosing Diving Boards (Buying tips)

Flexibility: Choose a diving board that bends easily and snaps back to form after diving. Make sure it will not sag or tilt down over time. Look for one with an adjustable spring so that you can tighten the board when it starts sagging.

Choose a diving board with a properly textured surface that provides excellent grip. Make sure it will not get slippery when wet and can provide grip even on wet feet. Choose a quick-drying top cover to let some of the water dry off between dives.

Cover: Check your board’s surface regularly to make sure it stays rough and skid-proof. Cover the board with a thick fabric when not in use, especially if it is outdoors because heat can smooth out the surface. Fiberglass covers can crack and expose the wood underneath, causing it to rot. Replace cracked boards immediately, because the wood can snap apart with the diver’s weight and cause accidents.

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