Guide to Food Dehydrators

Food Dehydrator : What is it?

Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrators are great for drying and processing food. A basic food dehydrator has a heating element, a fan, several air vents for circulation, and lightweight trays.

Food dehydrators can typically dry food fast at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They are available at department stores, appliance centers, natural food stores, and through mail-order catalogs and can cost anywhere from $50 to $350.

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Types of Food Dehydrators

Food DehydratorsFood Dehydrators

Kinds of Food Dehydrators include the following:

Horizontal air flow food dehydrators

Horizontal air flow food dehydrators have fans and heating elements at the sides. They can dry different types of food at one time, while reducing the mixing of the various flavors.They have trays that receive equal amounts of heat penetration.

Horizontal air flow food dehydrators prevent juices, liquids, or food extracts from dripping onto the heating element, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Vertical air flow food dehydrators

Vertical air flow food dehydrators have fans and heating elements at the top or at the bottom. They cannot prevent the mixing of different flavors when different types of food are dried at one time. Food extracts and liquids can drip onto the heating element. This can be difficult to clean.


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Choosing Food Dehydrators (Buying tips)

Construction: Choose a food dehydrator with a double wall construction made of high-quality plastic or metal for extra durability and protection from heat. Do not get one made of wood because they are fire hazards and are difficult to clean.

Extras: Choose a food dehydrator with a timer setting to help you accurately time the dehydrating process. You can also get an advanced model that automatically shuts off after the dehydration process. Also look for a food dehydrator that comes with several durable and lightweight plastic trays, so you can processing different types of food at one time. Plastic trays are also easy to clean and maintain.


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