Guide to Frying Pans

Frying Pan : What is it?

Frying Pans

Frying pans are essential to every kitchen. It is great for stir-frying, sautéing, searing, and other cooking methods that do not require a tall rim. Frying pans may look the same, but there are actually different types. Read on to see which one is best for your cooking needs.

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Types of Frying Pans

Frying PansFrying Pans

Kinds of Frying Pans include the following:

Copper frying pans

Copper frying pans are superior conductors of heat. They are a bit more expensive, but are very durable. However, copper frying pans tarnish easily especially when sharp utensils are used with them. They have to be polished regularly to maintain their sheen.

Stainless steel

A stainless steel frying pan is made of durable stainless steel that requires little maintenance. It is also a great conductor of heat. However, food tends to stick to its surface when it is not properly greased.

Aluminum tin

An aluminum tin frying pan is made of lightweight thin aluminum. It can dent easily, and the bottom of the pan can burn easily as well. Food also tends to stick to its surface when not properly greased. It is commonly used in outdoor cooking, hiking, or camping because it is lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack.


A Teflon frying pan has a nonstick coated surface that prevents food from sticking to it.
You can fry eggs and meat on without using oil. However, the coating can peel off after extended use especially when it is always overheated. Teflon frying pans also require special maintenance. They can only be washed after they have cooled down.

Cast iron

A cast iron frying pan is the traditional type of frying pan. They are heavy and susceptible to corrosion, but cast iron frying pans are still the favorite of seasoned cooks because of their conductivity, slow-cooking capability, and even heat distribution.

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Choosing Frying Pans (Buying tips)

Convenience:  Choose a frying pan that suits your lifestyle and your cooking method.  If you are always on-the-go and have little time for cleaning and maintenance, choose a stainless steel frying pan because it is easy to clean. If you want to cook food with less or without oil for health reasons, then consider getting a Teflon-coated frying pan.


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