Guide to Inversion Tables

Inversion Table : What is it?

Inversion Tables

Inversion tables position users so that the feet are higher than the head. They are made up of a long, flat surface mounted onto a base, allowing it to swing and invert. They are mainly used for inversion therapy, a type of therapy that decompresses the spine and relaxes the back. They are also used to relieve stress and related problems, such as headaches and back pain.

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Types of Inversion Tables

Inversion TablesInversion Tables

Kinds of Inversion Tables include the following:


Manual inversion tables are controlled entirely by the user, relying on the user’s weight to tilt the table. They are more straining to operate, but provide a better workout.


Motorized inversion tables have motors to move the table and control the degree of inversion. They allow the users to stretch their arms and assume a more comfortable position, unlike in manual inversion tables where the arms are used to control the inversion.

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Choosing Inversion Tables (Buying tips)

Capacity: Choose an inversion table that can support your weight. The table’s maximum capacity is usually indicated in the package. Make sure the table is thick and rigid and will not easily crack or bend under pressure.

Comfort: Choose an inversion table that feels comfortable and is easy to use. Look for one that is adequately padded and allows ample space to move during the workout. Also make sure that the degree of inversion is fully controllable.


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