Guide to Jock Straps

Jock Strap : What is it?

Jock Straps

Jock straps, also known as athletic supporters, are men's sports accessories used to keep the testicles lifted and protect the genitalia from contact injuries. They look like ordinary men’s undergarments, only they have strong waistbands, leg straps, and optional protective cups. Jock straps are worn underneath cycling shorts, baseball pants, or dancing leggings. They can be used while playing sports or after surgery as medical aids.

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Types of Jock Straps

Jock StrapsJock Straps

Kinds of Jock Straps include the following:

Wide jock straps

  • Wide jockstraps can have cups for protecting the testicles during contact sports like cricket, baseball, and football.
  • They are oftentimes required to be worn especially by baseball catchers.
  • Wide jockstraps without cups are used for general support in wrestling and basketball.

Narrow jock straps

  • Narrow jock straps are worn under running shorts and swimming trunks.
  • They are also called running or swimming jocks.
  • They have one-inch-thick waistbands that do not show above the shorts.
  • They can be extremely uncomfortable to use when doing extended activities.

Jock briefs

  • Jock briefs have pouches in front and full seats at the back.
  • They are also called support briefs.
  • They have wider waistbands that offer more support than regular briefs.
  • They are more comfortable than traditional briefs to some.
  • However, they offer minimal protection, support, and flexibility.
  • They can come with or without cups.

Strapless jocks

  • Strapless jocks have elastic pouches held behind the scrotum.
  • Because they do not have leg straps, they can slip off during high-intensity activities like jogging and running.

Suspensory jock straps

  • Suspensory jock straps have elastic pouches with a hole where the penis is inserted.
  • They are used for medical purposes after groin surgery or for catheter admission.

Thong jocks

  • Thong jocks have single straps connecting the pouches' bottom to the waistbands. The thin straps pass between the buttocks.
  • They are also called dance belts.
  • They are commonly used by ballet dancers who have to wear tight men’s Lycra pants.
Fashion jock straps

  • Fashion jock straps are used for non-sports activities.
  • They are categorized under sexy or fetish underwear.
  • They can be made of leather, chain mail, silk, mesh, or velvet.

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Choosing Jock Straps (Buying tips)

Materials: For ultimate comfort, choose a jock strap made of cotton, nylon, or Lycra. It is lightweight, breathable, yet strong enough to provide you with support during various activities.

Protective cups:
Get a padded protective cup if you play contact sports like football or soccer. For basic cup protection, choose a hard cup made of plastic. Just make sure it has ventilation holes for efficient cooling and drying. Get a jock strap with a proflex cup if you want the protection of a hard cup and the comfort of a soft cup.

Usage information

Wear your jock strap properly. The best way to wear it is to put it on first before your other undergarments.

Wear your jock strap under compression shorts to prevent the leg straps from showing under football or baseball pants.
Insert the protective cup before or after you wear your jock strap.
Make sure the protective cup does not rest on your genitals to prevent contact injuries.

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