Guide to Rugby Shoulder Pads

Rugby Shoulder Pad : What is it?

Rugby Shoulder Pads

Rugby shoulder pads are accessories worn over the players' shoulders for upper body support and protection from the impact caused by the ball or another player. They specifically cover and protect the shoulders, chest, and back. They are usually made of breathable nylon with multi-layered foam padding. 

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Types of Rugby Shoulder Pads

Rugby Shoulder PadsRugby Shoulder Pads

Kinds of Rugby Shoulder Pads include the following:

Nylon/Lycra rugby shoulder pads

  • These types of rugby shoulder pads are made of nylon or Lycra fabric.
  • Nylon/Lycra shoulder pads are made with multi-segment foam pads that provide added upper body protection.
  • Most models have a snug fit for making unrestricted and flexible movements.
  • Most models are designed to cover and protect the shoulders, upper chest, upper back, and even the back of the neck.
  • They are commonly used by professional players.

Nylon elastene rugby shoulder pads

  • Nylon elastene rugby shoulder pads are made of nylon elastene, a breathable and stretchable fabric that provides a snug fit.
  • They allow flexible movements.
  • Most models have closed-cell cushioned padding on the shoulders, biceps, and sternum.

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Choosing Rugby Shoulder Pads (Buying tips)

Breathability: Choose rugby shoulder pads made of breathable fabrics such as Nylon elastene to prevent sweat from sticking to your skin, making you feel hot and uncomfortable.

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