Guide to Speed Bags

Speed Bag : What is it?

Speed Bags

A speed bag is a type of punching bag designed to develop the boxer's punching and dodging speed. It is inflated, made of vinyl or leather, and designed to withstand continuous and consistent punching speed and impact. It is hung from the ceiling through a board or a “drum” 24 to 36 inches in size. The board and the speed bag is connected to a swivel that makes the bag move. A speed bag comes in different shapes and sizes according to brand. It can come in a “Mexican style,” which is elongated like a banana and narrow all around, or in a short, teardrop shape. Using the right speed bag size is very important to learning and advancing in training.

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Types of Speed Bags

Speed BagsSpeed Bags

Kinds of Speed Bags include the following:

Large speed bag

A large speed bag is slow and easy to control. It builds the boxer's strength and power. It creates heavier pounding rebounds. It requires a stronger board, preferably 36 inches. It comes in 13x10, 12x10, and 11x8 sizes.

Medium speed bag

A medium speed bag is the middle ground for building ability and speed. It can take some experience to control it. It comes in 10x7 and 9x6 sizes.

Small speed bag

A small speed bag is very fast. It requires excellent control of swinging speed and punching power. It is not suitable for beginners. It comes in 8x5, 7x4, and 6.5x4 sizes.

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Choosing Speed Bags (Buying tips)

Ball bearings:  Choose a speed bag with a one- or two-piece construction that comes with ball bearings to make its movements smoother and quieter.

Height:  For better efficiency, choose a speed bag with a height adjustment option either on the swivel or the board that comes with the bag.

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